Sarah is very lucky to have been brought up in south west Durham. Surrounded by beautiful countryside of the Dales, she has always been inspired by the fresh air and the wide open space. Nature, weather patterns and colour variation often overwhelm her with passion to create.

From a very young age the Artist has drawn and painted. She recalls vivid memories of sitting in bizarre places, drawing anything and everything. Her reflection in the toaster, the bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, an empty cup, the staircase. Then she started with people, cars, landscapes, architecture, places she’d visited. Sarah felt lost without an ink pen and sketchbook, it was her security.

The Artist has continued to create and experiment with different media; ink, pencil, pastel, watercolour and oil. Sarah’s mission is to create, draw, paint and do it to the best of her ability. Her ultimate goal is to be the best possible Artist she can be.

Sarah is a Fine Art graduate, with years of artistic experience. She thrives off projects and challenges, where she can use her imagination and creativity to create beautiful bespoke Art pieces.

“Art is a powerful thing, allowing us to feel, believe and see things in different ways. I sincerely believe that the world would be a dark, lonely place without it. Art brings happiness, sunshine and beauty on the darkest days.

Through my Artwork I wish to bring happiness into people’s lives. The feeling I get when I draw or paint is quite spectacular, and I believe that personal Art creates the same feeling of joy and elation”.